Our Mission

First Care exists to save women and babies from abortion while sharing the love of Christ.


What We Do

First Care operates four life-affirming women’s clinics across Palm Beach County that offer the following services

  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Low-cost testing for common sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Free ultrasounds for pregnant women
  • Options counseling for women vulnerable to abortion
  • Parenting classes and ongoing support for women who choose to carry their babies
  • Abortion recovery classes


Our Vision

To establish life-affirming women’s clinics throughout Palm Beach County that provide a true alternative to abortion through medical care, counseling, and support.

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1973 – Abortion is effectively legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court.

1983 – TLC Clinic and Alpha Care both open centers to help women vulnerable to abortion choose life for their unborn babies.

1989 – Alpha Care develops an Abortion Recovery program to help men and women deal with the pain of past abortions.

1995 – TLC Clinic and Alpha Care Merge to become First Care.

1996 – First Care begins offering free ultrasounds to help pregnant women see life in the womb and connect with their unborn children.

2008 – First Care is asked to assume ownership and operation of Life Care Pregnancy Resource Center, formerly a ministry of Family Church.

2011 – First Care begins the process of converting from Pregnancy Resource Centers to Life-Affirming Medical Clinics which can offer expanded medical care and same-day ultrasounds.

2016 – First Care finishes transitioning to Medical Clinics with the re-opening of the Boca Raton Clinic.

Present – First Care serves over 4,000 women every year and helps to save over 400 babies who otherwise would have been aborted.

Contact us

Administrative Office

2200 N Florida Mango Rd Suite 102 West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Email: info@firstcareforlife.com

Call: 561-688-2163

Mon – Fri: 8am – 4pm

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