Date: May 8, 2022

First Care’s Baby Bottle Boomerang (BBB) is a unique event allowing us to partner with local churches, schools, and organizations. We provide the bottles to hand out. Supporters fill the bottles with cash, coins, and/or a check. Once the bottles are filled, they can then be “boomeranged” back to First Care. This annual event raises funds to help First Care empower women facing crisis pregnancies to choose life for their unborn babies!


2022 Event Date – Kick-off on May 8th (Mother’s Day)

We are asking churches, schools, and organizations to kick-off the Baby Bottle Boomerang (BBB) on Mother’s Day, May 8th. However, we are flexible and the specific dates are not strict. Just let us know if another date is better for your schedule.

To host your BBB event, please do the following:

  1. Contact us! Complete our online form or email Michele Ly, Community Engagement Director, at or call 561-688-2163.
  2. Give out bottles on May 8th (or another date that fits your schedule)! Please reach out to us at least 4 weeks before your kick-off. This allows us time to prepare your bottles and materials and get them to you.
  3. Kick-off the event! After your initial kick-off, the goal is to get the bottles back quickly before the initial excitement wears off. Keep collection to 1-2 weeks after kick-off.
  4. Return the filled bottles to us! When you’re ready to return your filled bottles, contact Michele Ly at or 561-688-2163.

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