Fall 2020

This event is our unique partnership with local churches and schools. Supporters fill bottles with cash, change, and/or checks in order to expand the reach of our clinics to more women in Palm Beach County. We provide the bottles for your church or school to hand out. Once the bottles are filled, they can then be “boomeranged” back to First Care.

Event Dates ~ Kick-off August 23rd, 2020 

It’s best to hold your BBB event in the fall, however, the specific event dates are not strict. After your initial kick-off, the goal is to get the bottles back quickly before the initial excitement wears off. Keep collection to 2-3 weeks after kick-off.
You can turn in baby bottles before, during or any time after the event ends. For questions on bottle delivery, drop-off or pick-up, please contact First Care’s Administrative Office at 561-688-2163.  

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