A 17-Year-Old Faces Her Fears

A 17 year-old recently visited our Lake Worth Clinic to get some advice about her pregnancy. This woman — really, just a girl — was hiding her pregnancy from her parents. She knew that if her mom or dad found out that she was pregnant, that they would try to force her to have an abortion; something that she knew in her heart was wrong.

She feared going to her normal doctor because she was still on her parents’ insurance policy and was afraid they would get a bill and find out her secret.  She went online to see if she could find a free clinic and found First Care.

At First Care, she met kind and loving women who were able to provide her with a free ultrasound, medical advice and Godly counsel.  She set an appointment to meet with First Care’s staff physician for a free OB consult the following week. She found the support that she needed to choose life for her unborn child.

Stories like this make me feel blessed to be a part of the ministry ofFirst Care. While I have never personally counseled a client, performed an ultrasound, or administered a pregnancy test, I know that we can all still play a part in saving babies.  You too, have a lifesaving role to play and a job to do. For you, that may be volunteering, praying, or donating money. No matter what your role, I encourage you to embrace it and do it to the glory of God!

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