Compared to other clinics I went to I felt safer with them since the other ones seemed like they didn't care.
Had there not been First Care I would have gotten an abortion
I remember Diana welcoming me in First Care and talking to me like my mom...and telling me its gonna be okay, its your decision, and she gave me the positive things of keeping the baby
I spoke to Lorie, my lifesaver, and after talking with her I decided I'm going to do this..she gave me all the info and all the help...this is my baby, this is my gift
As soon as she was born the room lit up and from that day on happiness was in my house
At the end of the day I looked at my life and what has change my life and I never regret it because I was given the opportunity to change my mind
That morning I searched for abortion alternatives and found First Care this woman Sarah took me under her wing and was a mentor to me..I called Sarah every day twice a day.
This woman, Sara took me under her wing and was a mentor to me...I called her almost twice a day every day
While I was on the sonogram table, I prayed to God to open my heart and open my spirit and God touched me that day and my heart for my child
First Care is there and so supportive. While everyone is telling you to abort, they are telling you this child not a bunch of cells, there is a heartbeat, and the pain of abortion is a life long regret
I already had one abortion and did not want another but felt it was my only way out
I made an appointment for abortion but Sandi kept calling me and encouraging me and loving me. I was so scared but started feeling courageous
Once again, when I did not know what to do, First Care was there. I was able to go to 45th St. Clinic. I had never felt so special or cared for in a medical facility. This was like no clinic I had ever been to in my life

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