We know that for many women, abortion is a decision they make and later regret. We know there is healing and hope after an abortion procedure, and women don’t have to live with the pain of a past abortion. They can know joy and flourishing and hope and peace today in spite of a painful decision. Even if they’ve lived with years of regret, they can experience freedom today, and we are honored to provide this service for them.

Healing is possible

It doesn’t matter if the abortion was last week, last year, or 10+ years ago. Many women (and men!) keep their abortions a secret from everyone else and this keeps them from being able to heal fully. For women who’ve never told anyone about their abortion, this is a safe place for them to begin to process all of their emotions related to the abortion and begin their healing journey.

To help them on this road to recovery after an abortion, we’ve partnered with My Ashes To Beauty.┬áThis program utilizes 12 steps to help women (and men) walk the path towards freedom from guilt, regret, and sorrow after an abortion decision. By bringing the past abortion to light and working through the various pain points in their journey, they begin to experience healing that is transformative.

Healing starts now

Please contact us today if you know someone who’s had an abortion and wants help healing from the pain of that decision. They aren’t alone and don’t have to suffer in silence any longer. We’d love to help get them connected to My Ashes To Beauty as they seek healing and freedom from a past abortion.

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