A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a private fund administered by a third party and created for the purpose of managing charitable donations on behalf of an individual, family or organization. The donor retains advisory privileges regarding the qualified charities to which the DAF grants funds and how the funds are invested.

Donor-advised funds are a popular charitable giving vehicle because they are tax advantageous and one of the easiest, most effective ways to give to a charity!

Contribute to First Care Directly From Your DAF

If you have a donor-advised fund, it’s easy to contribute directly from that fund to First Care. Here’s how:

  • Submit a donation request to your DAF
  • Look for our organization name “First Care Family Resources, Inc” EIN 59-2248369
  • Make a direct contribution from your fund to First Care


Thank you for partnering with First Care by helping us to empower women to choose life for their unborn children while sharing the love and good news of Jesus!

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