“I Have to Kill It!”

“I have to kill it!” Those were the piercing words heard through the halls despite the closed door to the counseling room. Jane was one of the first clients to come in for our medical services and her pregnancy test came up positive. As we walked her through the intense emotions of the moment, we were surprised to learn that Jane was homeless and living as a prostitute to survive. Her life was a genuine mess.

Staff and volunteers were able able to care for Jane, give her a sonogram, and provide testing for sexually transmitted diseases(STDs), as well as treatment. Jane heard for the first time that God loves her and has a plan for her life, even in the midst of the chaos, pain, and uncertainty! When Jane left the clinic that day, something had changed. She came in feeling like her only choice was to “kill” her baby, but she left feeling hope that there was a better way.
THIS is the redemptive work of God that we see every day at ourFirst Care clinic locations across Palm Beach County. As we enter the fall months, and holiday season, funding for First Care is a top priority, particularly as we consider what’s to come in 2017. To ensure that we do not lose any momentum, we are asking if you will consider a special gift to support the ministry. Will you pray about whether you can give $25 or $50 this week to support the pro-life movement in our community?
Thank you for considering this urgent call. Your love, prayers, and financial support are what keep so many of us encouraged and motivated at First Care. Each of us doing just a little bit truly can make all the difference in the world, to people just like Jane. Click the donate button to give now. You can also click here.

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