Rebecca’s Journey

Rebecca's Journey

Rebecca had just turned 20 when she walked through the doors at First Care Women’s Clinic. She had already taken a few pregnancy tests in the bathroom at the fast food restaurant where she worked during the day. At night, she would sit with her laptop, reading through her online coursework so she could get her associate’s degree.

With a two-year-old already at home and no father figure in her little girl’s life, the two lines on her pregnancy test made Rebecca’s heart sink. She was at the cusp of turning her life around, working hard to give her baby girl a better life, but a positive pregnancy test changed all that. Or, so she thought.

After taking those pregnancy tests, Rebecca couldn’t sleep that night. She laid in her bed, looking for answers to all the questions she had swirling around her head. “Can I really support two kids on my own?” “What about my degree?” “Can I afford an abortion?” Those questions led her straight to First Care’s website. The next morning, she called and made an appointment.

When Rebecca came in for her appointment, she was greeted by friendly faces. She said she immediately felt some relief as she talked with the woman at the front desk. After taking another pregnancy test, which came back positive, she received an ultrasound. Rebecca’s baby was 8 weeks already! She hesitated to look at the screen at first, but when she looked up, the baby on the screen moved around energetically.

Before her ultrasound, Rebecca tried to convince herself to have an abortion. But, as she saw her baby on the screen, she was taken back to her first pregnancy and remembered how much she loves her little girl. That day, she made room in her heart for another child.

First Care was able to support her through her pregnancy and even after her baby girl was born. Her child is a testament that the services and support we provide to women are instrumental in their decision to choose life. Learn more about how we help women like Rebecca.

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