“I think if I could interview God and say: ‘What is one thing going on on this planet that hurts your heart more than anything?’ I believe He would say it is abortion.”
~Skip Olmstead, First Care Women’s Clinic board member

Like many who support First Care Women’s Clinic, Skip is moved to do so by his personal connection to the mission. Ten years ago, Skip began his journey with First Care after an invitation to our annual fundraising banquet. He was deeply moved by the event and continued to return year after year.

As a successful entrepreneur in our community, Skip had the ability to support many things – but First Care’s mission tied closely to his own story.

In his younger years before he became a Christian, Skip used abortion as birth control. While he has walked through healing from his past, the opportunity to support life-affirming choices inspires his deep involvement with First Care. In addition to his financial support, Skip has served on the Board of Directors for the past four years.

Skip knows First Care is a strong voice for life in West Palm Beach: “When you save the life of a baby and turn the life of a young woman around, it totally changes their ideas about their own life and destiny. The restorative value is immeasurable.”

He is excited to be a part of the leadership of First Care as they look towards the future. He sees growth – reaching more abortion-minded women online, facility expansion and greater influence for life choices.  He is thankful for the vision that started the ministry, and he is excited about how the current leadership will lead them it into the future.

“I believe it is the heart of God to save babies. When I hear the stories of life change coming out of First Care and I see how God has continued to bring First Care’s accomplishments to new levels, I know they are having a huge impact in this community. The leadership is thinking impossible things knowing that our God is a God of the impossible.”

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