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Dear Friend,

“My abortion is scheduled for tomorrow,” Alana said over the phone.

Why was this single mother of three even calling? Why contact First Care, a pro-life clinic, when she already had an appointment to end her pregnancy?

Alana reached out to First Care because of a nagging question in the back of her mind. A question that kept her lying awake late at night, staring at the ceiling through the pitch black. Am I doing the right thing? It was this question that prompted her to do one more internet search. To dial one more phone number. And to make one last appointment before her abortion.

“How could this even be happening?” Alana wondered. Her doctor had assured her that her current form of birth control was foolproof. And now, after years of working to put her life in order, was she really going to throw it all away for two pink lines on a pregnancy test? No, as a responsible person Alana knew what she had to do: end the pregnancy and keep moving forward. Still, the question echoed: am I doing the right thing?

The next day First Care staff encouraged Alana to voice her doubts and fears. After intently listening, her client advocate gently said, “Allowing your baby to have a life doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your own.” Alana suddenly knew the answer to her question. As a mother it was her role to protect the life growing in her womb, not dispose of it. It was at that moment, that Alana chose life.

Alana is one of 416 women who chose life last year because of you!

You provided the clinic.

You paid for the Google advertisement that she clicked.

You ministered to her in her time of deepest need.

You saved this unborn baby’s life, and hundreds more like her!

Will you continue saving lives just like this one by making a gift to our 2018 Summer Match Challenge? Every gift given by June 10th will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $15,000! Your gift this summer will provide a safe place for women and their unborn babies to be valued, loved, and protected.  Please give generously!


Beau Heyman, Executive Director

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