The Narrow Line: Laney’s Story

We want to share a story with you that demonstrates just how narrow the line between life and death can be.

“I’m here to have an abortion,” Laney announced as she walked through our door. The receptionist gently informed her that while First Care doesn’t perform abortions, a nurse would be able to confirm her pregnancy and perform a free ultrasound, and a counselor would be available to talk through her options.

Laney looked at the floor as she gave her reasons for wanting an abortion: She couldn’t afford a baby.  She was no longer with the baby’s father. She couldn’t imagine placing a child for adoption.

Tears welled in Laney’s eyes as the ultrasound showed that her pregnancy was 19 weeks along and she realized that she had been feeling the baby kick.  When she learned that babies at this age can feel pain she changed her mind about abortion forever. “No,” she said, “I don’t think I can do that.”

Had Laney walked into an abortion clinic she almost certainly would have had an abortion. Laney’s baby is alive today because someone provided a caring place for her to go in her time of crisis.

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