“We’re Looking for the Abortion Pill” Was Their Initial Request

Miranda is married with a three-year-old already at home. Due to difficulties in dealing with their current child, she and her husband came to First Care after discovering they were pregnant again. They shared that they were leaning towards aborting by using the abortion pill.

Miranda had already made a separate appointment with a local affiliate of the largest abortion provider in the United States, Planned Parenthood, but it had been rescheduled. As a result, they decided to come to First Care.

During their session with a trained counselor, Miranda was very interested in exactly how far along she was and when the baby’s heart would start beating.  She expressed that whether or not she went through with an abortion would be determined by when the baby’s heart starts beating.

After receiving education on fetal development and abortion procedures, she then asked for a sonogram, which turned out to be inconclusive. Another sonogram was scheduled for a later date and Miranda left the clinic, with her husband, undecided that day.

After leaving, Miranda called Planned Parenthood to schedule an appointment to receive the abortion pill. During that phone call, she was told that she could not take the pill until she was over five weeks pregnant.

In the meantime, the couple returned to First Care for the second sonogram. Upon seeing the heartbeat of their unborn child in the sonogram, the couple decided to carry and parent their child. Their baby boy was born in June of this year.

We share this personal and powerful story because it symbolizes so many of the real lives we encounter in our First Care clinics. So much can happen in such a short amount of time. More often than not, the difference between a saved life and one that is aborted often comes down to seeming minutia.

Of course, in reality, we know that Almighty God is in the midst of every person’s crisis. We have seen countless lives experience the supernatural power of God to move through incredible circumstances to speak into the hearts and minds of people struggling to make the right decisions.

Will you join us in praying for individuals like Miranda and her husband, who we encounter daily in our clinic locations across Palm Beach County? Will you also consider a summer financial gift to support the ministry of First Care? Every gift – large or small – is a blessing beyond measure and goes directly toward saving and changing lives in our community. Simply click on the donate button to give now. Thank you for your love, prayers, and support!

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