What’s in a name?

First Care hasn’t always been First Care.

Our name has changed over the past 35 years, but our mission has remained the same: We empower women facing crisis pregnancies to choose life for their unborn children while sharing the love and good news of Jesus Christ.

In 1983 we were called Alpha Care in northern Palm Beach County and TLC Clinic in the south.

In 1995:  First Care Pregnancy Centers

In 2002:  First Care Family Resources

In 2012:  First Care Women’s Clinic

While First Care only has one mission, we accomplish this mission by appealing to two distinct groups:  donors who support the ministry, and clients who need our help.  These distinct groups receive information very differently and our communication needs to be relevant to their particular and respective journeys.

Donors want to hear about impact through stories of spirit-filled redemption and statistics that show we’re responsible with our resources. Clients are desperate to be heard and understood as they’re looking online for solutions to their crisis. In order to achieve both goals we are changing our client facing name.

The new name, Palm Beach Women’s Clinic, will be used on our client website, on client marketing, and on the front door of our clinics.  There is an excellent chance that you as a donor may never see or hear this name, but we wanted you to know about it.

This new name is part of a strategy to attract and minister to the women most at-risk for abortion.  The women who come through our doors will continue to receive professional treatment and care of the highest standard.  They still hear about the love and good news of Jesus.  They will still be empowered to choose life over abortion.  They will still be supported by First Care and you.

First Care Women’s Clinic will remain the name that donors, churches, and the pro-life community know.  The mail you get will still be from First Care.  Every April will still see a First Care Walk for Life and 5K Run.  And every November we will still have our First Care Benefit Dinners.

On behalf of the board of directors, we hope that you will support and embrace this change, and continue to support the work we are doing.  Our continued thanks for all you do to support First Care’s mission to empower women facing crisis pregnancies to choose life for their unborn children while sharing the love and good news of Jesus Christ!

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